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from latin capra hircus, goat


Three paths, three courses, three leading women, very stubborn.
An animal, sometimes gregarious, sometimes solitary, passes like a shadow over the three bodies.

Three pendulums, three interior musics, three different tempos.

Metamorphosis, diversions of tightrope walker symbols, exploration of space and weightlessness.

Balances, imbalances, three silhouettes explore the present moment and the limits of time.

Interpreters: Audrey Bossuyt, Julia Brisset/Liisa Näykki et Marta Lodoli

Creation: Audrey Bossuyt, Mariona Moya, Marta Lodoli

Sound track: Mark Dehoux et Simon Thierrée

Outside look: Loïc Faure

Costume and set design: Aline Breucker

Technique: Quintijn Ketels

Images: Claude Esselen

High wire structure: Pierre Jardon et Pierre Nouneberg


Coproduction: ASBL Fête des Artistes de Chassepierre

​With the help of: CAR, Centre des arts de la rue / CCBW, Centre culturel du Brabant wallon / CCOUAC, Centre de création ouvert aux arts en campagne / Centre Culturel Wolubilis / Centre européen de funambulisme / Espace Catastrophe, Centre international de création des arts du cirque / Théâtre de la Roseraie





Chaussons en confinement
JT RTBF  Hircus à Hopla, Bruxelles
JT NoTélé Hircus à Ath

Little Heavenly Navigation


Like all stories, it is that of an encounter.​

This is slow and gentle, made of observations, face to face and tenuous connections.

Research on lightness, rhythm and breath.

​A breath for two, a pendulum for two.

The bodies are sometimes united, sometimes untied, collected, deployed, waltzing, pitching or briefly immobilized.

​How to interfere in the other's walk without jostling them, follow in their footsteps without taking the lead.

Thread tension and attention to each other.

Simplicity, oscillation, silence, sensuality, linearity, vagueness.

​One inside the other, four red slippers slide, rise, rest to the sound of the accordion.

A show of and with: Audrey Bossuyt, Jean-Benoit Burrion, Marta Lodoli et Martin de Roos

Technique: Claude Esselen

Costumes: Lisa Onofri

High wire builder: Guillaume Thaveau

Outside look: Nadège Liénard

With the help of: Centre Européen de Funambulisme / Espace Catastrophe, Centre International de Création des Arts du Cirque


Thanks to: Anne Niepold, Denis Josselin, France Perpête, Louis Spagna, Twiggy et Vanina Fandiño


Nadir (30')
Inhabited sculptural installation

"Wheresoever thou wanderest in space,
thy Zenith and Nadir
Unto the heavens knit thee, unto the axis of earth.
Howsoever thou attest,  let heaven be moved  by thy purpose,
Let the aim of  thy deeds traverse  the axis of earth!"

Friedrich von Schiller 
To be perched, to be in the west, crooked.
Suspended by time, feet or the imagination.
Challenge the verticality of a horizontal steel line.
To spread the wings.
Decide to land, to look at the zenith or to turn the gaze to this enigmatic point beneath you, across the earth, to another sky.

Authors: Audrey Bossuyt, Julia Brisset, Léo Schemmel and Marta Lodoli


Performers: Audrey Bossuyt or Julia Brisset, Léo Schemmel and Marta Lodoli


Sound creation: Alessandro Brizio

Construction of the tightrope walker structure: Stéphane Tambeur with the help of Léo Schemmel, Marta Lodoli and Pierre Nouneberg

Costumes and drawings: Aline Breucker

Outside look: Kenzo Tokuoka and Foucauld Falguerolles

Production and distribution: Marta Lodoli


With the support of: CAR, Center des arts de la rue;

the Wolubilis Cultural Center; Espace Catastrophe, international creation of circus arts center; The Chassepierre Festival; The Latitude 50, center for circus and street arts, the Théâtre de la Roseraie and the City of Ath.


Co-production: CCBW, C entre culture du Brabant wallon


With the help of: La Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles and Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre Danse


Thanks to the COVID19 subsides of Fédération Wallonie-Bruxelles

Technical sheet on demand.

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