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Site-specific wire performances

The tightrope walkers of Contemplations, like the Fates, are spinners.
They intertwine hours and seconds.
They weave, not a work, but the web of life.
A subtle weave in which, without our knowledge, is embroidered what we hide and what reveals us.
Artistic direction : Audrey Bossuyt and Marta Lodoli
Technical direction : Joppe Wouters
Production : Cie des Chaussons Rouges
Scenography: Pierre Nouneberg & Treesign s.p.r.l.
Costume design: Marta Lodoli
With the help of : Wallonie-Bruxelles Théâtre Dance/ Wallonie-Bruxelles International

With the support of: Up! / Espace Catastrophe, Centre international de création des arts du cirque and of Théâtre de la Roseraie

crédits: Jef Berhin
Audrey Bossuyt et Marta Lodoli
With Contemplations, the Cie des Chaussons Rouges offers tightrope walking performances in unusual places such as wilderness corners, museums, urban spaces and historic parks.

The performances fit organically into the landscape to amplify its magic.

Tightrope walkers Audrey Bossuyt and Marta Lodoli make their project part of the environmental art approach.
They interact by installing a tightrope wire in the landscape, an act both minimalist and powerful, carrying multiple symbolic meanings.

A steel wire unites, divides, and reorganizes space and time.

In the media

La Première 8/09/2022 7:30reportage radio
00:00 / 05:19
La Matinale de Musiq3 9/09/2022reportage radio
00:00 / 08:45
Vivacité Lux 9/09/2022 6h30reportage radio
00:00 / 02:28

"Une traversée à la cime

des montagnes de porphyre" - L'Avenir 8/09/2023

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